Warranty and Roadside

Dealer Guarantee

All our Vehicles come with dealer guarantee: – The dealer guarantees for a second-hand motor vehicle which had driven less than 160,000 km and was less than 10 years old when purchased is limited to 5,000 km after purchase, or three months after purchase, whichever occurs first.


included warranty.

where warranty is included in the sale of a vehicle, Plan A for 12 months is what we cover unless otherwise mentioned.

Extended warranty

we offer extended warranty to all our vehicle for sale.

choose from 1,3,5 years with plans to suit your budget.

Available Plans

Product levelplan Aplan Bplan Cplan Dplan E
12 monthsIncluded na$2,580$3,180na
36 months$2,070na$2,910$3,750na
60 months$2,370na$3,210$4,050na
Product levelplan Aplan Bplan Cplan Dplan E
12 monthsIncludedna$1,740$2,340na
36 months$1,230na$2,070$2,670na
60 months$1,560na$2,370$2,970na
Product levelplan Aplan Bplan Cplan Dplan E
12 monthsIncluded$1,155$1,485$2,100$2,685
36 months$1,290$1,485$2,085$2,490$3,150
60 months$1,620$1,785$2,385$3,150$3,750
Product levelplan Aplan Bplan Cplan Dplan E
12 monthsIncludednananana
36 months$2,025nananana
60 months$2,355nananana

Ability Protection Pack $600 for cover up to $3000 per claim.

covers the wheelchair access equipment.


for a small fee you can have peace of mind when you’re on the road. add roadside to your extended warranty.

option3 star5 star
1 year$88$154
2 years$176$300
3 year$264$398
4 years$352$510
5 years $440$610

what’s covered?